Facility & Fleet

Our Facility is located in Crafton, PA. With convenient access to all major arteries of in and out of Pittsburgh, distribution efficiency is maximized.

Our facility was remodeled in 2010, incorporating new lighting, refrigeration, rail service, and modern technology into an existing distribution hub.  The facility was awarded the 2010 Allegheny County Enviro-Star Award for energy efficient improvements.

Originally built in 1962 as a frozen foods warehouse, our facility is well insulated, incorporating a 3-temperature cooling system for proper product temperature management.  Refrigerated docks keep the cold chain unbroken throughout. All coolers are monitored to ensure consistent humidity and temperature ranges for produce storage.

With railcar access directly to the warehouse, potato and onion shipments are received directly from shippers.  Our green footprint is clearly improved with one of the few rail spurs into a produce warehouse in western PA.

Our functionality, cleanliness, and modern technology ensure that we deliver fresh, safe, and quality foods to our customers.


Truck Fleet

We have a fleet of refrigerated vehicles that we use to distribute produce to our customers.  The trucks are well maintained, identified and driven by a driver who cares.